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Cost of Medical Second Opinion for Physicians:

Single Medical Opinion by either Specialist, Radiologist or a Pathologist- Rs 2360 each (Rupees two thousand three hundred sixty only)  (The fee includes medical record review by a medical oncologist, or a radiologist or a pathology material review (one tissue type), and includes responses by Secmeds to reasonable inquiries and one follow-up question by a treating physician)

Combined Medical Opinion by a Specialist + Radiologist + Pathologist - Rs 4720 (Rupees four thousand seven hundred twenty only)  (The fee includes Complicated/ Combined Review - If extensive discussions need to occur with other specialists (e.g., radiologist, surgical oncologist, radiation oncologist), or if a patient/ physician requests combined Oncology, Radiology and Pathology review, then additional fees will apply. In such a case, separate specialists's opinions/ reports will be required, for example, from specialists in radiology, pathology and oncology. COMBINED Review fee will be: Rs 4720(Rupees four thousand seven hundred twenty only)

Medical Opinion by an International Medical Expert- USD 350 (prevalent equivalent in rupees) , If any additional tests or reviews are required, there could be an additional cost