What is Secmeds and what does it do?

Secmeds is an online medical second opinion platform created to provide accurate and timely expert second opinion to the patients and/or to the treating physicians. Secmeds has taken great care in identifying the best in class national as well as international experts/ institutions who review patient’s medical records and offer medical second opinion to the treating physicians (MSO-Clinician) and/or to the patient (MSO-Patient).
If you or your near ones have been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition such as cancers, or if you are planning to undergo a surgery and would like to get a second medical opinion from renowned national or international experts, Secmeds can help you in taking an informed decision.
Experts at Secmeds can provide you with an independence, unbiased experts second opinion without making long distance travel and long waits to see senior super specialists.

What is Secmeds Vision?

Our vision is to empower patients and physicians with easily accessible, affordable and highest quality medical second opinion to enable them to seek the right care by the right provider at the right time.
We envision building a highest quality medical second opinion (MSO) network with National and International Clinicians/ Institutions Offering the following services:
-Clinician to Clinicians/Doctors for Medical Second Opinion (MSO-Clinician)
-Clinician to Patient Medical Second Opinion (MSO-Patient)
MSO network has the best in class specialist who review patient’s medical records and offer medical second opinion to the doctors practicing in remote/ rural areas (MSO-Clinician), and consumers/ patients (MSO Patient). A cloud based technology backend has been created which enables upload of clinical data followed by high quality audio/video consultation as required. The data is archived and peer reviewed for assurance of quality. All data protection guidelines/ procedures as mandated by the privacy laws are being adopted.

How to get a second opinion from Secmeds?

You can get a second opinion on a patient’s medical condition through Secmeds in two easy steps. Please follow the  steps below.
Step 1: Register – Fill in the patient information on the provided format. Go through the terms and conditions. Once you agree to seek a medical second opinion through Secmeds, upload your reports, investigations, prescriptions and advice till date. Post your questions clearly in the space provided. Pay the fee through the secured payment gateway.
Step 2: Get the Opinion – Once patient’s reports, investigations and related queries are uploaded, Secmeds works with partner Institutions/ Experts to analyse and review your case for the best treatment option and next steps. If required, we may request for further information about your case to derive at a conclusion. You can be rest assured that your uploaded reports and information will not be shared with any unintended person and will remain safe with us.In straight forward cases, where Opinion is requested by a single Expert and where no further reports are required, you will get an expert opinion within 4 to 5 business days from a national level expert. If the opinion is requested from an international expert, it may add 7-8 more business days due to different time zones. In case review is requested by multiple Experts, such as pathology/ radiology, or a team of oncologists, additional days may be required and you will be informed. Secmeds team will connect regularly with you until your expert Opinion is obtained. Once your report is ready, it will be sent to the email address that you have provided at the time of registration. We will also inform you through WhatsApp message.
If you still have a question, please contact us at secmeds@secmeds.org or call on +91-9870263903, +91-9958836297 or WhatsApp on 9870263903 between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Saturday.

Who will need a Medical Second Opinion?

When a patient is diagnosed with a critical illness with multiple treatment options or needing high financial expenditure for its management, one often feels the need to get a credible second opinion. At times, a medical second opinion is also sought when someone is advised a planned surgery where information asymmetry, between the patient and physician, adds to the need.In addition, since many of cancer and cardio-metabolic disorders are seen at primary physician level, the physicians working in remote/ rural areas may also need expert specialist opinion before commencing/ or continuing the treatment. Secmeds provides easily accessible medical second opinion for 1)Physicians at primary level. and for 2)Patients/ or their relatives.

What is the cost of Medical Second Opinion service?

In most cases the cost of second opinion will be Rupees 2360, if a national level expert provides an opinion. In cases you wish to get an opinion from an international consultant, the fee will be USD 350. If any additional tests or reviews are required, there could be an additional cost. Thus, for an uncomplicated Review – that includes medical record review by a medical oncologist and pathology material review (one tissue type), and includes responses by Secmeds to reasonable inquiries and one follow-up questions from patient’s primary physician. Fee will be Rs 2360 (Rupees two thousand three hundred sixty only). Additional follow up teleconference, meeting will be allowed at an extra cost.
Complicated/ Combined Review – If extensive discussions need to occur with other specialists (e.g., radiologist, surgical oncologist, radiation oncologist), or if a patient/ physician requests combined Oncology, Radiology and Pathology review, then additional fees will apply. In such a case, separate specialists’s opinions/ reports will be required, for example, from specialists in radiology, pathology and oncology. COMBINED Review fee will be: Rs 4720 (Rupees four thousand seven hundred twenty only).
Pathology Review Only – Includes pathology material review/ when slides are to be reviewed. Fee to be paid will be Rs 2360 (Rupees two thousand three hundred sixty only), plus additional costs if ancillary processing (e.g., staining, immuno histo- chemistry, block cutting) is required for a more precise diagnosis.
Radiology Review Only – Includes review of CT/ CAT Scan and MRI review. Fee to be paid: Rs 2360 (Rupees two thousand three hundred sixty only).

Why should a second opinion matter?

With the fast paced advances in medical techniques, technology, diagnostic tools and treatment regimes, patients are often confused in choosing the best and cost effective treatment option.World class experts at Secmeds can review your records and help you in taking an informed decision about the appropriate treatment path.
Physicians working in remote areas can also benefit by consulting world class experts on treatment options and latest updates for managing their patients.
The current globalised world, has increased the possibilities of patient’s access to the best of the treatment pathways. An unbiased ethical second opinion is crucial in improving disease outcomes and quality of life.

What is the benefit of getting a second opinion from Secmeds?

Secmeds is partnering with leading institutions in India and abroad for providing the expert medical second opinion. The clinicians providing the expert opinion are leading experts in their respective clinical domain. This platform enables you to get the access to the senior clinicians to have your case reviewed and provide expert opinion without the pains to travel to those institutions and wait for getting those appointments.
Secmeds offers the unique opportunity of involving your treating physicians also as part of the discussion, if you desire so. This will ensure that you will continue to get treated by your physician under expert advice from senior clinicians providing the expert opinion.
Secmeds offers opportunities for follow on consultations and expert review based on your need.
Secmeds being a social venture offers its service at low prices while not compromising on the quality of delivery. We adopt a very patient centric approach and are quite sensitive to the patient needs.

How is Secmeds different from other online health portals?

There are a number of online services providing different medical information. Some link the patients to doctors while some provide tele-medicine solutions. At Secmeds we support patients and/ or treating physicians in providing state of the art treatment options for chronic diseases including cancers. Currently we provide treatment options for different cancers in adults and children. Secmeds affiliated super specialists at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center (RGCIRC), Asia’s premier exclusive tertiary care cancer centre, offer the unique advantage of cutting edge technology. This potent combination of man and machine ensures world-class cancer care to not only patients from India, but also from across the world. The Institute offers super specialized tertiary care services in Medical, Surgical and Radiation Oncology, streamlined into dedicated Site-Specific teams. Super Specialists at RGCI&RC practice an organ specific multi-disciplinary approach to cancer diagnosis and treatment, with the Tumor Board acting as a second opinion clinic for cases that are more critical than others.
Secmeds has well developed quality assurance process with peer expert reviews for ensuring that the expert opinion provided through our platform has highest level of reliability and is very evidence based.
Secmeds has a patient counsellor assigned to every person seeking second opinion. The counsellor will help the patient navigate through the processes, and get the needed expert opinion for themselves or their treating physicians.

Can anyone get a second opinion from Secmeds?

Every patient has a right to access the latest advancements and technology in managing his/her illnesses. At Secmeds, we provide medical second opinion for all patients. For those patients who cannot afford the fee, we can arrange to get an opinion at reduced cost or free of charge.
Please note that Secmeds provides second opinion only for chronic illnesses or where planned surgery is recommended by the treating physician. For acute illnesses please take advice from your treating physician.

How soon can I get an online second opinion?

Generally it takes 2-3 business days for a case to be examined, reviewed and reported. We ensure providing your report from a national expert within 2-3 business days. In case a review is requested by an international expert, additional 2-3 days will be required. You will get your report within 10 working days, if an opinion is requested by an international expert.

Are my payment and medical records safe with Secmeds Medical Second Opinion?

Yes, The data that you share with us is protected as per the privacy laws in the country. Your personal information is safe with us.

Will my treating doctor be upset if I ask for a second opinion?

Seeking expert medical second opinion is a normal practice for critical illness globally and is aimed at helping you take an informed decision. We intend to make your treating physician as a collaborating partner in this process if desired by you.

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